Proposed Monument (2014) Linoprint on paper, 190x130cm

A print which imagines the whole of Amsterdam being re-designated as a monument to the long standing history and important role of printing and publishing within the city. Made for the occasion of Amsterdam's Grafische Ateliers 55th birthday. The work follows my own preoccupation of public space becoming a site for personal meditation and idiosyncratic connections as well as making a link between the printing process and the process of creating urban environments (the act of leaving behind almost indelible marks or footprints upon layered surfaces). The aim of the work was to highlight the history of printmaking within Amsterdam (by referencing various historical and contemporary prints) and to place the AGA within that history.
The Latin text reads The city changed into a monument to the printing process.

One of the editions, framed and installed in the reception of Hotel Wow-Amsterdam.

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