Spatial Anomalie (2018), found textile intervention, acrylic paint and wood (30x24.5cm).
HAIL DARKNESS! (2018), textile and wood (114x167cm).
A selection of zines i made during the Spring and Summer of 2018. Mainly containing short texts and copies of my drawings, monotypes and photographs.

Hidden Portal (2018), Indian ink and graphite on paper (24.5x30cm).
List (2018), fineliner on paper (18x21cm). 
Vintage Dutch Zine/Edgelands Archive Series (2018)
Dull Care Zine/Edgelands Archive Series (2018)
Two Flyers/Edgelands Archive Series (2018), fineliner on paper (41x29cm)
Flyer/Edgelands Archive Series (2018), fineliner on paper (15x21cm)
Overbrengen Zine/Edgelands Archive Series (2018)
Rapture! Zine Front Cover/Edgelands Archive Series (2018), fineliner on paper (15x21cm)
Black Mass (2017), fineliner on paper (34.5x24cm)
Joy Exceeding Measure (2017), fineliner on paper (29x40cm)
Ode to Joy (2017), fineliner and marker on paper (38.5x27cm).  

Experimental Art Club (2017), textile, wood, traffic cone (114x215cm).
The Crown (2017), wood, household paint, textile, drinks crates, plastic helmet (40x72x130cm).

Alone Throne (2017), steel, plastic, textile (53x60x85cm).

Ode to a Wasteland Afterparty (2017), textile and wood (93x113cm).

Rejoice! Avalon is Calling (2017), textile and wood (132x300cm)

Where Wild Things Went (2017), textile and wood (98x125cm).
Limbo's Den (2017), textile, wood, acrylic paint (approx. 102x115cm).

Society Made Sweet As Solitude (2017), textile (107x82cm).
Comin' Down' (2017), textile and wood (100x140cm)

Paradise For A Sect (2017), textile and wood (approx. 140x170cm)
Wall Mural (Detail), (2017), household paint on wall

Shack Banner (2017), mixed media and textiles (93x97cm).

Aching Joys (2017), mixed media banner, (35x58cm)
Suburban Wasteground Relic (2017), wood, textiles, acrylic paint, empty beer can (25x25x11cm)

Bliss of Solitude (2017), textile, wood (140x160cm).
The Wild Hunt (2017), textile, wood, rope, acrylic paint (150x157cm)

Drawing sewn into T-shirt (2016), cotton, polyester thread.

Twelve Overlooked Areas in a Place of Assembly (2016).

St. Bavo Church in Haarlem, The Netherlands, also known as the Grote Kerk, is both a popular tourist attraction and a fully functioning place of community worship. Under its 15th Century vaulted roof there are curious overlooked corners where the utilities of daily Church service are pushed away from the tourist spectacle. 

18 locations in Central London devoid of people for 60 seconds or more, observed during a two hour walk from Euston Station to Charting Cross Station on the afternoon of 29th March 2016. Digital photo collage (2016).

Studies of Un-Lost Spaces, Amsterdam (2015), digital photo collage.  

As Amsterdam goes through a phase of wide scale redevelopment, there are, scattered around the city, areas spared of sterilization and corporate beautification. These islands of idiosyncrasy and anachronisms remain in once distant borderline areas, yet are now threatened by the ever encroaching gentrification of the city centre.

mural amsterdam art abandoned place drawing
Mural collaboration with Menah Marleen, in a partly disused Amsterdam basement, March, 2016 
mural amsterdam art abandoned place drawing
Detail of above mural.
Let It Go (2016), monotype on Chinese Paper (20x28.5cm) 
stedlijk museum ruin amsterdam art drawing abandoned nature wreck
New Age Love and Romance (2016), monotype and charcoal (60x42cm).

My third attempt at drawing Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum in Ruins, partly inspired by Hubert Roberts 18th Century romanticised depiction of The Louvre in ruins. 
stedlijk museum ruin amsterdam art drawing abandoned nature wreck drypoint print
The Stedelijk Museum As A Ruin With Discarded Clothing (2016), drypoint on Chinese paper (60x42cm) 
Proposed Public Sculpture Consisting of an Eames Chair and Bottle of Gin (2016) ballpoint pen and coloured pencil on graph paper (21x14cm).
stedlijk museum ruin amsterdam art drawing abandoned nature wreck monotype
Some Attraction in a Changed World/ Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum as a ruin (2016), monotype and charcoal on Chinese paper (59x36cm)
A Space Between Two Places (2016), monotype, drypoint and pastel on Chinese paper (25.5x20cm) 
monument urbex drawing print drypoint monotype art
Anti-Everything Monument (2016), drypoint and monotype on Chinese paper ( 28x39cm).
Voids Open (2016), monotype and drypoint on Chinese paper (18x27cm). 
Now It's Time To Leave The Capsule If You Dare (2016), Monotype and drypoint on Chinese paper (18.5x18.5cm).
monotype drypoint drawing ink landscape birds magpies pylon art
Something Supernatural (2016), drypoint print and marker on Chinese paper (41x24cm). 
Old and New (2015), dry point and graphite on Chinese paper (25x36cm).
This Place We Made For Ourselves (2015), monotype and charcoal on Chinese paper (27x19cm).
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