Hidey-Hole (2020), quilted embroidery and applique (129x106cm).

For The Wolves (2019), fine liner on paper (42x29.7cm).

One Way and Another (version 1 and 2) (2019), embroidery and textile applique (15x15cm unframed).

Downfallen (2019), embroidered textile (13.5x13.5cm).

Stones (2019), various textile techniques (43x43cm).

The Garden (2019), collage of various textile techniques (45x45cm)
Nine paper collages. Each mounted on A4 paper (2019)
Behind the Bushes (2019), textile (77x85cm).
No Man's Land (2019), textile (87x120cm).
Rough Edges (2019), textile (137x99cm).

Remains (2019), varnished modelling clay, acrylic paint (12x30x15cm).
Hideout (2019), textile (72x74cm).
Earthly Delight (2019), glazed ceramic (3.5x13.5x13.5cm)
Meltdown (2019), textile (35x31cm).
Edgeland Article (2019), glazed ceramic (4.5×23×28cm).
Blue Spots/Blauwe Plekken (2019), series of six glazed ceramic tiles (13x13cm each).
Overlooked (2019), textile (38x30cm).
Landscape, Negation & Indifference (2019), textile (148x126cm).
Wilderness & Seclusion (2019), textile (150x131cm).
HAIL DARKNESS! (2019), textile and wood (167x110cm).
Cosmic Void (2019), textile and wood (125x98cm).
Still Life with Black Holes and Chervil (2018), textile (24x20cm)
Nerd Space (2019), textile (105x82cm).
Spatial Anomalie (2018), found textile intervention, acrylic paint and wood (30x24.5cm).
A selection of zines i made during the Spring and Summer of 2018. Mainly containing short texts and copies of my drawings, monotypes and photographs.

Hidden Portal (2018), Indian ink and graphite on paper (24.5x30cm).
List (2018), fineliner on paper (18x21cm). 
Vintage Dutch Zine/Edgelands Archive Series (2018)
Dull Care Zine/Edgelands Archive Series (2018)
Two Flyers/Edgelands Archive Series (2018), fineliner on paper (41x29cm)
Flyer/Edgelands Archive Series (2018), fineliner on paper (15x21cm)
Overbrengen Zine/Edgelands Archive Series (2018)
Rapture! Zine Front Cover/Edgelands Archive Series (2018), fineliner on paper (15x21cm)
Black Mass (2017), fineliner on paper (34.5x24cm)
Joy Exceeding Measure (2017), fineliner on paper (29x40cm)
Ode to Joy (2017), fineliner and marker on paper (38.5x27cm).  

Experimental Art Club (2017), textile, wood, traffic cone (114x215cm).
The Crown (2017), wood, household paint, textile, drinks crates, plastic helmet (40x72x130cm).

Alone Throne (2017), steel, plastic, textile (53x60x85cm).

Ode to a Wasteland Afterparty (2017), textile and wood (93x113cm).

Rejoice! Avalon is Calling (2017), textile and wood (132x300cm)

Where Wild Things Went (2017), textile and wood (98x125cm).
Limbo's Den (2017), textile, wood, acrylic paint (approx. 102x115cm).

Society Made Sweet As Solitude (2017), textile (107x82cm).
Comin' Down' (2017), textile and wood (100x140cm)

Paradise For A Sect (2017), textile and wood (approx. 140x170cm)
Wall Mural (Detail), (2017), household paint on wall

Shack Banner (2017), mixed media and textiles (93x97cm).

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